Gold, Silver, And Precious Stones: What You Should Know About Jewelry

Try cleaning your jewelry collection with a polishing cloth. This is a fairly simple way to achieve shine without dealing with solvents and chemicals. You use the special cloth to polish your jewelry just like you would polish your silverware. First use the polishing side, and finish with the other side to make it shine.

TIP! When shopping for genuine sterling silver jewelry, you need both a discerning eye and a small magnet. If the piece you are examining is not silver and is made from non-precious metal, it will be attracted to the magnet.

Would you like to find an amazing piece of jewelry to give your outfits a pop of color? Perhaps you have a close friend or sweetheart whom you want to give jewelry to? Whatever your situation, this article can provide you with some handy jewelry tips.

Before you buy a gemstone, ask what type of gemstone it is. There are three unique types of stones: imitation, synthetic and natural. Natural and synthetic gems are real stones, but imitation is just plastic colored to look like the real thing. Natural gemstones are mined, while synthetic gems are artificially grown.

TIP! Jewelry should be a purchase that truly lasts a lifetime. When choosing your next piece of jewelry, be sure to deal with a reputable dealer to ensure you attain a high-quality piece.

Clean all of your jewelry with a polishing cloth. This will allow your jewelry to shine without using chemicals. All you do is polish it like you would a glass with the two-sided cloth. First use the polishing side, and finish with the other side to make it shine.

Your diamond shopping experience is missing something important if you are not comparison shopping. Look at what you want very closely, and keep that in mind so you can compare it with other diamonds you look at. With diamonds, you need to have a keen eye because of the many tricks people will use to enhance it.


Separate your jewelry for storage to avoid getting pieces tangled. Consider delegating each piece to its own resting place, utilizing compartmental boxes and storage units. Don’t just put them in one huge, unorganized pile. Not only will your necklaces get all tangled up, you risk damaging all your fragile and fine jewelry pieces.

Look at the condition of costume jewelry before making a purchase. Costume jewelry is pricey and can retain its value in many cases, but pieces that are damaged aren’t worth much and aren’t worth the time to restore. Costume pieces kept in great condition will enhance your collection much more over time.

Sterling Silver

Costume jewelry needs special care. Many embellishments on costume jewelry are only secured with glue rather than set into the piece. You will need to avoid immersing your jewelry and make sure to stay away from the use of harsh chemicals. It’s most beneficial to use a damp warm cloth to gently wipe, then use another cloth to dry. This keeps dirt from building up and making your jewelry look dull.

TIP! Having an ornate piece at your waist will naturally draw eyes by adding interest. You can pin in at the front-center of the belt or near the hip.

When shopping for genuine sterling silver jewelry, you need both a discerning eye and a small magnet. To spot scams, see if the magnet attracts the piece. If it does, then shout “FAKE!” at the top of your lungs and move to the next store. Look for the hallmark stamped on the piece of jewelry to determine what percentage sterling silver it is. If the piece is not hallmarked in any way, be leery of its authenticity because oftentimes it is a sign of a fake.

To keep your jewelry looking clean, only put it on after your make-up is applied and set. Dust and grime from makeup gravitates towards jewelry, and putting on your jewelry first can leave it looking dull or dingy. It is especially important to follow this tip for necklaces and earrings.

TIP! Before purchasing a gemstone, find out if it has been treated, and if so, how. Different treatments come with different requirements for cleaning and storage.

When shopping for diamonds, it’s best to comparison shop. Take a look at the diamonds up close, then put it next to other pieces you are interested in. You should be aware that there are many deceptive people trying to sell jewelry; therefore, it is essential to learn and understand what is involved when selecting a new diamond.

Learn how to unravel a knotted necklace, even one with delicate loops. It is tempting to throw in the towel against knotted metal, but plastic wrap should be reached for instead. Put your knotted chains on the plastic wrap and cover with a little baby oil. You would then untangle the necklace using needles. Then wash off the baby oil or mineral oil with dish soap, and then pat dry.

TIP! When you are buying jewelery, make sure you know what you are going to use it for. A large jewelry box full of items you never use isn’t a wise investment.

When collecting costume jewelry, pay close attention to the condition of any piece you are considering. Collecting costume jewelry can get expensive, but it is also an investment worth your time, so avoid any pieces that have too many flaws. Pieces that are in great shape will fetch you better prices down the road, should you choose to sell them.

A jewelry set makes an excellent present for that special someone. It is often possible to get a good deal on jewelry sets at a jewelry store. You can then give a piece of the set to a loved one on several different occasions. This is a surefire way to ensure that you are never without a gift for that special someone.

TIP! If you are ready to spend a lot of money on a piece of jewelry, make sure it is something that will be with you for years to come. Quality is normally a given with higher expense, however, style should be considered as well.

You are now armed with the information you need to make better purchasing decisions when it comes to jewelry. No longer shall you find gemstones, diamonds, beads or precious metals overwhelming and daunting. Investing in high-quality jewelry is something you’ll enjoy for many years.

It can be hard to tell a lab-created sapphire or ruby from a natural stone. Natural and artificial rubies and sapphires are chemically identical to their natural counterparts, but artificial stones are worth far less. A qualified gemologist will be able to tell a natural sapphire by its natural inclusions, so have the stone checked before purchase.

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